Accelerate your bid / no bid decision with AI

Let us fill your bid analysis matrix using LLMs

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Tailored to your industry

We'll consult with your team and make AI meet their expectations. We'll adjust the model until they're completely satisfied with the output.

Your existing process, just 5x faster

We'll squeeze right into your existing bid analysis process. You won't have to change habits or learn new platforms. AI will fill your existing analysis template.

No details left behind

Our model will output the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. No hallucinations from the GPT.

Under the hood:

Reads the complex tender documentation

Digests hundreds of pages of domain-specific info in every single language

Maps the vectors to your bid analysis matrix

Matches each of your analysis template sections to the relevant piece of info from the documents

Turns info into mathematical vectors

Breaks down the info into small pieces that can be compared by semantic meaning

Generates the final bid analysis

Takes these already mapped chunks and outputs a short comment tailored to your preferences



Discovery call

Let's find out if we're a fit on a short 30-minute call


Custom demo

Send us your analysis template and recent tender documentation, we'll show you the potential



If you like the demo we'll send you a proposal to fully develop the seamless integration of AI into your bid decision

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